• We received the first dose of our vaccine today. It was all around a great day. 🌞 In the morning, we took Sesame out to the park for long distance fetches. We needed him to feel more exhausted than usual since we’ve to leave him at home for longer. We drove an hour out to Mississauga to get our shot. The whole process was very organized and the front-line folks there were very friendly. Both the front-desk administrator and nurse wished me happy early birthday. We were both impressed by the entire experience overall. The jab itself was very painless compared to the flu shot.

    After getting the shot (and taking pictures to commemorate it), we got takeout from my favorite soondubu restaurant near the hospital. When we got home, I ate and took a nap because I felt exhausted. I think it was definitely from the shot because I had some coffee. Anyway, we ended up resting up for the rest of the day and playing some The Last of Us.

    My arm is really sore. I was curious about why that was the case for the vaccine (or any flu shot). It’s because the immune system is doing its job and sends the cell to the injection site to fight off the “invaders”. This means that I didn’t get a saline shot! (Yes, I was a little worried about that.)

  • I officially presented at my first technical conference – a Ruby conference in Europe called Euruko. I was feeling very anxious leading up to the day of because I didn’t know what to expect of the live QA session. I typically don’t really enjoy being put on the spot. Thankfully, everything went well and the talk was well-received. The Ruby community was very encouraging and nice. I got a ton of kind messages after. I guess that makes going through all the anxiety a little more worth it.

  • I had an enjoyable pairing session with my lead-mentor. Maybe it’s the familiarity of the content we’re working on, but I feel more in control of my train of thought. It’s a good breakthrough for me because my train of thought can get really frazzled if I’m not mindful enough.

  • These days I game in two locations – on the couch with the PS4, or in bed with my Switch. Sometimes I wish I could play the PS4 in bed though. We got a second PS4 controller this week but we haven’t played any 2-player games yet…

  • Jae and I are both obsessed with Olivia Rodrigo’s new album, Sour. Most if not all of the songs on the album are bangers – you can tell when a majority of the album is on the Top 50 playlist. We play it non-stop at home. I’ve asked how he can relate to a 17-year-old girl’s break up songs and he says that he experiences it through her music.

  • Next week is my birth week! As tradition, I’m taking the week off to relax and (try to) do nothing.