• I got an early birthday present - a PS4! I started playing Dynasty Warriors but it was a little boring playing it alone. We only got one controller now so we’ll have to get another controller to play co-op.

    I also started The Last of Us. I’m enjoying it so far - the characters and storyline are very engaging. Unfortunately, I have to take breaks in between gameplays because the premise of the game makes me feel hella tense and stressed out.

  • Speaking of zombies, we watched “Army of the Dead.” I love seeing new takes of the apocalypse in different shows, movies, and games. In this movie, the zombies have a social hierarchy, which was new and interesting to me.

  • We’re still on the hunt for a house. We’ve found one that we really like and we’re going to be putting an offer down for it next week. It won’t be the end of the world if we don’t get it, but it’d be amazing if we do.

  • I’ve been watching a lot Korean content on Youtube. Aside from the usual K-pop videos, there are some other interesting videos that really hit the emotional spot for me. For example, there’s one about a kid actress who meets her favorite singer for the first time, but the producers made her pretend not to recognize the singer. And there’s another one about a woman calling her mother through a younger girl (representing her younger self) and asking her mother questions she had from her childhood. The kid also starts tearing up, which was how touching it was.

  • I haven’t been tracking my weight because the batteries in our scale ran out. My daily steps are at an average of 17,000.

  • We were able to finally book an appointment to get the first dose of a COVID vaccine. Unfortunately, the appointment isn’t within our region so we’ll have to drive out to Mississauga to get it next weekend.

  • My daily routine is starting to solidify and I’m starting to feel cabin fever these days. I’m just wondering when “things are going to get back to normal.” And other things like, “what the heck am I doing with my life.” Anyway, it’s a long weekend tomorrow!