• I took Friday off. I didn’t drink any coffee that day and suffered a terrible caffeine headache mid-afternoon. Since it was too late for me to remedy with coffee. I ended up taking some Advil and sleeping the entire Friday. I got 19 hours of sleep!

  • We’ve been on the market for a new house for the past month. We viewed a couple houses for the first time over the weekend and decided to put an offer down for one of them. From what we’ve been seeing for the past month, accepted offers are around 30,000 to 200,000 over asking/listing price. The offer we put down for the house was around 35,000 over asking, which to us seemed reasonable, but we were outbid. Everything happened so fast, we viewed the house in the morning and early afternoon we were told that there was a bully offer, and that we should post a competing offer if we were interested. At the end of the day there were 4 offers (including ours) for a unit that was only listed the day before!

    When our real estate agent walked us through setting up our first offer, I felt extremely overwhelmed. If they had accepted our offer, we would have made literally the biggest purchase of our lives and have a financial commitment for a long amount of time. I do recognize the privilege I have to feel overwhelmed over “having enough money to buy a house”. Jae and I also the morning reflecting on how far we’ve come. We’ve both paid for our post-secondary education ourselves and now our home would also be fully funded ourselves. I feel extremely lucky and proud that our hard work led us to this point in our lives. At the same time, it’s hitting me hard that I’m almost a fully fledged adult.

  • Sesame is 7 months old! He is officially kicked out of doggy daycare until he’s neutered. We don’t plan to neuter him until he’s at least one year old so he’ll have to stay at home for the next three months. At least he’ll smell fresh for longer.

  • I have >90 hours on Breath of the Wild now! I’ve finished some big quests this week and I feel quite accomplished. I’ve finished the quest to explore a fully dark forest with ruins. It was so anxiety inducing because the entire island was pitch black, but I’m glad I pushed through it. I’ve also realized that shooting an arrow at the dragons will get me it’s scale that can be used in shrine quests. The Tarrey Town storyline was also quite enjoyable.

  • Down ~5lbs. I hope to break into the 130s weight range this week… Walking at my desk is my favorite thing to do nowadays.