• It’s the month of May! Despite it being spring, the weather is still chilly here. I love the month of May because it means spring and sunlight.

  • Our little family all feel much better now. We officially got past winter alive and well as things are looking up. My allergies seem to have died down as the weather turned colder this past week. I was coughing a little during the week but nothing too serious.

  • I now have 80 hours clocked on Breath of the Wild. I’m getting to a point where I look at the map and it’s less clear where I haven’t explored yet. I think my next move is to follow some of the quests for shrines (and also fight/defeat Naboris).

  • I felt an extreme level of fatigue on Saturday – I ended up passing out for two very long naps. It felt good being able to catch up on sleep. I am quite pleased with myself for listening to my body.

  • We watched Love and Monsters on Netflix. I found myself being very emotional at the main character’s relationship with the dog. They really did work on the dog’s background story, too. I also miss my dog even though he’s just sleeping in his crate.

  • My step count is at an average of 9,000+ this week! I feel good about everything now that I’ve realized I can still get my step count to really count when I put my Fitbit in my pocket. (Yes, I know steps still count even if my tracker doesn’t track them.)

  • I’m starting to feel very impatient about how the vaccine rollouts are going. It’s frustrating to see that there isn’t much progress in Ontario compared to other countries. This week, Ontario released a plan to get most people vaccinated by the end of May, where people 18+ will be eligible for their first shot in the last week. I’m very skeptical about the dates - just because people are eligible doesn’t mean most of us will receive it the same week.

  • I’ve been feeling upset about the anti-Asian crimes in North America. In particular, I was bothered by news about a 55 year old Asian man being murdered and dismembered by 3 men after he tries to help them and about a [man who stomped an old Asian man’s head in]https://nextshark.com/manhattan-man-arrested-stomping-head-asian-man/). Why are the anti-Asian crimes so brutal? It’s like people don’t see us as humans.

    I don’t know how to put into words how I feel about it. I’m tired of seeing people who look like me get hurt and killed with little consequences. I’m upset because the general public does not know what’s happening because the media isn’t reporting it enough. I’m afraid it’s going to happen to me or anyone I know.