• I’ve been sick for around 2 and a half weeks now. Early this week, I found out that my COVID test was negative. It was not a shock, obviously since I haven’t placed myself at risk in a while (recall that last week we got our groceries delivered). Plus, aside from my coughs and sore throat, Jae seems healthy. My cough got much worse this week, particularly when I cough myself awake. This caused the both of us to lose some sleep for a couple nights. If I had bronchitis (most commonly caused by a virus) it would mean that my condition would slowly but surely improve.

    My condition did not improve and I honestly couldn’t lose any more sleep. On Saturday, I decided to go see a doctor at a walk-in clinic since I don’t have a family doctor. It’s very difficult to get a family doctor in Ontario. Not having access to a family doctor means I’m placed outside of the healthcare continuum, which is a huge problem for us and the healthcare system. If people had family doctors, they would have preventative care and more accurate diagnosis (because doctors would have a medical history). All of which will save the healthcare system a ton of money. Not to mention people are then less likely to go to the ER, which means resources can go to people who actually need immediate attention.

    I went to see a doctor in the walk-in clinic. He diagnosed me with bronchitis in less than a minute after checking my breath sounds, and then prescribed me with Act-Clarithromycin XL. The benefits of having a health degree is that a couple of my friends are doctors and one of them told me that Act-Clarithromycin is a strong antibiotic to prescribe – something that seems over the top for bronchitis, which is viral. This type of irresponsible prescription of antibiotics contributes to antibiotic resistance.

    I felt really upset after I found out. I had already taken the first dose of antibiotics at the time (I was told that was fine). Her first suggestion was to get a family doctor who is able to do a more comprehensive work up, such as a PFT panel. Sadly, getting a family doctor anytime soon is out of the question. We ended up chatting more about the symptoms I presented and landed on a couple possibilities such as post-nasal drip or asthma cough. We won’t know for sure unless I get a family doctor and do the PFT. Anyway, I ended up taking some allergy meds to bed on Saturday and did not cough at all!

  • We took Sesame to the vet for another follow up visit. He seems to be improving this week despite some setbacks earlier in the week. His appetite is back at full force to a point where he’s willing to do rollovers (but still whine about it). We also took him with us to my clinic visit so he got to hang out with us like a human child while we do our chores.

  • On a lighter note, I watched my first DC movie, Man of Steel. It was quite enjoyable! I’m glad to have some new super hero content to watch.

  • Week 4 of encouraging Jae to stream. He participated in an Apex Legends tournament and won 1st place, earning him a hefty sum of 8 euros! He has also informed me that he doesn’t want to stream because he prefers to game in a relaxing environment, and so I’ll back off.

  • Daily steps are at 8,000! My lead and I also did our first walking 1-1 meeting this week. I hope to walk more during the day now that I have a treadmill in the office.