• We took Sesame to an emergency vet on Saturday since his condition worsened overnight. We called like 9 vets around us before finding one with an opening. We avoided the original vet we were going to because we had a bad experience last week. We learned at the new vet that he probably has pneumonia and needs antibiotics on top of his diagnosed giardia. Taking care of a sick puppy is extremely tiring. Because I’m also sick, I feel extra tired and emotionally exhausted.

  • My mother brought over some home baked muffins for us. I’m love pastries and cakes but I rarely get them from the store because they tend to be greasy. I love the ones my mum bakes.

      Oh hey mum what's up
      Yum chocolate chip muffins
      Don't mind if I do
  • Week three of convincing Jae to do something with his gaming skills: I’ve convinced him to use my PC to game because it has better specs than his. My PC is living its best life now!

  • I’ve been thinking a lot about work and how I want my career to look like. It’s hard to focus with so many distractions.

      The future is bright
      Endless possibilities 
      Now just stay focused
  • We tried a week of Hello Fresh (meal kit) because we got a good coupon deal. I’ve tried it in the past when I lived alone but now that I’m trying it again, it really hits different. I enjoyed cooking a lot because my brain just shuts off, which is an amazing feeling! The meals were also quite healthy. We thought the portions were small but I think we were just used to portions of food from restaurants. I’m hunting for other meal kit companies to try out.

      I dislike cooking
      Unless groceries are sent
      To me in advance
  • I’m still feeling sick, especially in the mornings, but not sick enough to take some time off or see the doctor?

      Goodnight everyone
      I have played the night away
      Work starts tomorrow