• The days are passing by real fast.

  • My long hair has been irritating me nowadays. It’s always in the way when I squat down to pet the dog or to clean something, both of which happens quite a lot. But I’ve longed (lol) for long hair my entire life - I even had a Tumblr blog dedicated to it back in the day. I grew up believing I look better with long hair so I always stayed in that comfort zone and never cut my hair short unless I need to. I also associated having long hair with femininity and self-esteem.

    Anyway, my hair is short and curly now. I think my family and friends hesitate a bit when they compliment my new hairstyle. Objectively, I think I looked better with long hair but I don’t feel any regret. My head feels very light and I look very young, which is ironic because this hairstyle is what Asian mothers would have.

  • We spent the weekend in Toronto just playing games in bed and walking around the harbour front. I got my daily steps and got to play games, so I’m as happy as a clam. I don’t feel like the vacation was enough. Good thing I thought ahead and got Monday off as well.

  • I thought I’d play Breath of the Wild all weekend but I ended up only playing Let’s Go, Eevee. It’s so addicting. I’ve spent an embarrassing amount of hours on the game for 4 days now. I’m close to the end of the game, so I expect this phase will be over soon. This Pokemon game is said to be for kids: the gameplay isn’t too challenging and Eevee is hella cute, so I mean… you can see why I like it so much. (Pokemon fanatics, please don’t come at me for saying the game is for kids.) The game play has been improved from the older versions (first generation) Pokemon games, making it much more realistic and everything I’ve dreamt of when I played Pokemon for the first time.

    • For example, you can ride your Pokemons around and pet your Eevee. They also made catching Pokemons (gotta catch em all!) a mini game and you can level up your team just by catching wild Pokemons (instead of just battling). The NPCs in the game are as quirky as ever – “You looked at me!” Battle music commences. Professor Oak also made joke referencing to the old game that I found really funny:

    Oak: And you have impeccable timing, as usual! Let me introduce you. This is my grandson. Oak: …Erm, what was his name now? Blue: Gramps, no one laughs at that joke anymore, will you give it a break? Besides, we’ve already met!”

    (In the old game, Professor Oak would ask the player to manually enter the name of his grandson.) It’s a great remake of a nostalgic game. I’ll happily put in more hours.

  • My partner got to the Masters rank (top 0.2% of players) in Apex Legends “for fun” over two days. He credits his gaming abilities to countless hours spent analysing games and watching professional players play. But if you ask me, I’d just say he’s just good at games. I’m encouraging him to stream or play professionally so I can live out the dream of playing games for money through him.

  • Sesame came home to us smelling fresh and feeling tired after his first doggy hotel experience. They gave him a complimentary bath because he smelled after they went out to the park. The folks also said he seemed fine and didn’t feel anxious about the separation. Out of sight out of mind for him – I’d say he didn’t miss us at all. I really like when he’s tired because it means less time spent being naughty and more snuggles.

  • The blog post I’ve been working on has been published on Shopify’s Engineering Blog. It’s a tutorial on building a Ruby web application from scratch and seeing how part of Rails fit into it. I’m glad it’s finally out. It was a long grind to get all the code snippets. I already got one tag from someone on LinkedIn which was a very pleasant surprise because it was posted only a day ago. Maybe the attention and comments will inspire me to write another (shorter) blog post.

  • Daily steps have been increased from 6,000 to 7,000.