• The weather is still cold. I was told (by a random Tweet from an unknown location) that the weather would gradually improve but I haven’t seen a lot of signs of that yet. There were some warm days last week, which made the snow in the backyard melt, exposing some frozen dog poop that was too watery to pick up. Dog ownership through winter, check. Now the ground is frozen in the worst state possible. The sun is going down later each week, so the days are longer and brighter.

  • I completed mirth, my work-side-project with my lead. I learnt a ton of things, but the most important part for me is the renewal of my enjoyment of coding and learning new things. Here are some additional thoughts:
    • I didn’t feel the intense struggle of figuring things out, (compared to when I taught myself how to code via the Internet). This allowed me to focus on the larger concepts more than spending my time figuring out the finer implementation detail.
    • My off-topic curiosity regarding the material was satisfied (thanks, Tom). It was a joy to assume I know nothing, ask questions, and end up learning more than expected. I feel like adults don’t get to do this as often – or at least I personally feel like I haven’t had a chance to since I’ve evolved into one (ugh).
    • The lesson plan covers knowledge that I felt I was lacking as a software developer.
    • On top of the previous point, many lingos, technology, and concepts that I learnt were almost immediately applicable at work. We didn’t do a deep dive on every topic, but understanding generally what things do really help in contextual situations when people are name dropping technology terms.

    FAQ: Why is it called mirth? Cause I like the opportunity to name things. Why is mirth a poorly designed website to track steps? Let’s just say it was a great idea executed poorly. Anyway, I plan on writing a blog post about what I learned, so keep your eyes peeled.

  • I found a new drug in the form of a TV show called New Amsterdam. It’s a feel-good medical drama about the largest public hospital in the USA. The main character is the newly appointed medical director, who I think has some sort of hero complex. The show touches on a lot of the healthcare problems Americans face such as, mental health stigma, health inequality in veterans, poor insurance coverage, lack of BIPOC doctors, you name it. There’s even a nurse with visible tattoos and another with purple hair, which is usually frowned upon.

    The main character tries to fix all the problems he faces… rather successfully. There is an article that argues that it’s dangerous to portray complex medical problems simply as fixable only if someone cared about it. I know it’s a fairytale of the healthcare industry, but still nice to dream about nonetheless. I don’t think the dark reality of the horrible inequality of the healthcare system in the US would be as feel-good of a watch.

  • Sesame graduated into the big-boy doggy daycare room. He went from being one of the largest dogs in the room to being the smallest. I really liked that they made the decision to do that because well… our boy Sesame can be a bit of a bully because he’s playful, energetic and confident. Now that he’s in the adult dog room, he gets to learn social cue from adult dogs. He really liked this huge 200 lb dog that moved very slowly. Sesame must have seen him as a giant.

    Sesame’s new teeth are growing in and he left bloody bite marks over some of his new animal plush toys. So the cow and pig toys both look like a wild beast had attacked them. Sesame has stopped nipping me. I don’t remember the last time he intentionally nipped me! I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

  • In other news, I’m reading 1Q84 by Murakami and just now realized that it’s a trilogy and the reading time is 27 hours. I wonder if I’ll have the patience to stick this one through.