• I’m writing this on a Monday. It was an extra long weekend for me. I’m feeling a little hungover because I spent most of yesterday playing Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey. I’m really enjoying it and once I am done writing this I’ll be back at it.

  • We took Sesame to a doggy daycare twice this week. I feel fortunate that we are able to afford this luxury because… doggy daycare. On Sesame’s first day he seemed a little awkward in trying to get other dogs to play but by the end of the first day he seemed to be more confident. He was happily harassing a fluffy Keeshond. That poor dog kept avoiding and warning him to back off but he kept going at it. We were worried and called in to the daycare to make sure that he isn’t bullying the other dog. Daycare folks said it’s fine and his behaviour improved. We took him again on Friday and he finally found an Australian Cattle dog that was on the same energy level that he was. They spent the entire day play-biting and wrestling (under supervision of course), which was really cute.

    Sesame was sick this morning which is why I feel extra tired. We found him sitting around his bile vomit in the morning. I hope that it isn’t anything serious, perhaps a dog cold at most.

  • I got a new mechanical keyboard at the start of the week and it arrived on Friday, just in time for my gaming weekend. My wrists are killing me so I’m going to have to get a wrist rest or find ways to improve my setup ergonomically. Aside from that complaint, I’m quite pleased with it. The red switch feels smooth to type on and the keyboard is much more minimal than my old keyboard. The lights are pretty cool too.