• I’ve always been a huge fan of death. I’m very fascinated by its finality and how humans deal with it. Without death, we can’t appreciate life and how precious it is. I would say I am conscious of the impermanence of life but maybe not as much as before. Ever since the pandemic happened, I feel like my life was set on pause and I never really took the time to reflect on life. So I didn’t enjoy being smacked in the face as a reminder of death.

    This past week someone I knew died very suddenly. I’m struggling to deal with how fragile life is. Tomorrow is not guaranteed. As it turns out, being upset about someone’s death and mortality is a human condition. Because of that, the good news is I am not alone. The friends I’ve spoken to have felt the same at least once in their lives. I feel comforted knowing that I’m not alone and that I’m not being emotional for mourning the sudden death of a peer who I don’t really know.

    People die every day and this will be the first of many deaths I’ll experience in my life before I die myself. So this experience changed how I see the world from then on. I’ll appreciate the people in my life more often. I’ll “enjoy life.”

  • Sesame is 4 months old this week. We went to the vet for his final round of vaccines for the time being. He had 3 shots and is unbothered by it, as usual. He was a little sensitive in his leg area when we touched him there, so it’s reassuring to me that he does feel pain. His pain tolerance is very high.

    His training has been going well. We haven’t been sticking to a tight schedule recently, but instead just doing what he seems to enjoy… which is fetching. He thinks that it’s his job to fetch. He also has shown to understand more words now and is able to differentiate between “ball” and “toy”. (I regret calling the palm tree squeaky toy, a toy – we should’ve been a little specific there…) He also learnt to “put it in the basket” after fetching. I think that was an easy one since we’ve taught him to drop his toy in our palm. All we had to do was put our palm over the basket so he can target where he drops the toy.

    Additionally, he hasn’t had an accident at home for 2 months now. Fingers crossed, my pee cleaning days are over.

  • We watched the Monsterverse movie series over the weekend and it was enjoyable. I really love watching massive unidentified terrestrial organism fight. I hope they make more movies like that now that CGI has improved over the years. We watched Godzilla, Kong: Skull Island, and Godzilla: King of the Monsters. The next movie, Godzilla vs. Kong, comes out at the end of March. My favorite monster in the series is the three headed dragon called Gidora. God, I wish dragons were real. If you are listening, you can start with the loch ness monster.

  • I hope to get my PC up and running again, but this time with a USB/HDMI switch so I can switch between my work laptop and PC. I never knew about switches until recently. Now that I think about it, I hope to get it up for the extra long weekend next week.

  • Our February cut is coming along. We’ve been more conscious about our food and managed to squeeze in a couple of decent workouts over the week. It’s hard with the puppy sleep disturbance, but the effort to keep up with our workouts is there.

  • Oh, my first official open source contribution was merged! It’s for a Ruby and Rails web server called Puma. I’m proud because I found the bug via my work development project. I’ve always wanted to make contributions like these, no matter how small.