• 😂 Happy week 10 of weeknotes. They say it takes 1-2 months for a new behaviour to become a habit. At this rate I am going to do weeknotes for the rest of my life!!! In celebration, I will add an emoji to every point in this week’s weak notes. I have never lived a life where emojis weren’t a thing (false). I use emojis at work so I appear friendlier (true). I used to emote “(:” [backwards smiley face] because I thought I’d be special (true).

  • 🤔 Oh geez. What did I do this week? Nothing terribly weeknote worthy, I think. I remember feeling frustrated all week having to work on one task and not really getting anywhere. It’s a normal thing to experience but doesn’t make it any less frustrating. I can’t wait to see the light at the end of the tunnel though.

  • 😁 The dog agility cones we ordered came in. I was hoping to teach Sesame to walk through cones as a precursor to learning jumps when he is older. However, the lowest setting on the cone is still too high for him right now. Instead, I taught him “going around” the cone instead, which is a precursor to cone weaving. He learnt it fast but he doesn’t like it as much as fetching a ball. I know this because he kept wandering off and looking for his ball and dropped it in front of me instead. I think it’s because learning a new trick means potentially less food reward given, compared to fetching. Because fetching is something he knows how to do, he is more comfortable with it. And therefore the act of fetching is more predictable of a food reward. Anyway, it was super fun teaching him this new trick. He seemed to get it after 1 day.

    😬 Sesame tried new raw treats this week: sheep ears (gross) and quail eggs. Last week he had, duck feet, chicken neck and sardines. All his raw food is kind of gross, especially the sheep ears. Sorry for the image I put in your head.

  • 🥺 Sesame is growing up so fast. He’s no longer the round blob of a puppy we took home a couple months ago. As I scroll up to look for pictures of him, I feel a little sad that I didn’t document his growth as much as I’d like to. I am not the type who takes a lot of pictures (anymore, at least). Is this how parents feel about their kids growing up?

  • 😅 I finally wrote holiday cards for my friends. Their cards arrived timely last year, while I had my hands full with the puppy. Better late than never! I should probably mail the cards sometime next week.

  • 🧐 I bought the book The Elements of Computing Systems: Building a Modern Computer from First Principles that was recommended by Tom on Twitter. People seem to have liked it and I am excited to read it. I’ve listening to the course lectures for the book on Coursera over the weekend for fun. I’ve always wanted to learn about how computers work from the ground up. I think I will actually dedicate some time to this. Weeknote readers, please hold me accountable.

  • 🤗 I think my indecisiveness to pick and try a new hobby is going to cost me a bunch of time I could be using to actually do the hobby. It’s okay, I’ll give myself a free pass to slack off this time because we’re in a lockdown.