• This week marks Sesame’s 13th week of life on earth. It’s special because it is the end of the prime puppy socialization period. I’ve been writing a lot about him (sorry) but I’d like to share again that I am very proud of him and us for pulling this off. My biggest fear is not being an experienced dog owner and trainer and in turn instilling bad doggy habits and somehow stop him from reaching his true doggy potential. But, we had him for a (long) month now and I feel more confident in our training skills now! Great work, Maple and Jaewon – we are now responsible dog owners!

    We started gently disciplining him using a technique called passive restraint and he has been responding really well (i.e. his nipping behaviour has been significantly reduced). Reprimanding a dog is much different than a child because of the difference in communication. I can’t tell my puppy that it’s not him that I don’t like but his behaviour and I don’t want him to have any negative experience with me. So, we do this thing where we are stern with the uh-uhs, and then praise and reward him if he shows calmness. This is a true test of my patience because it can be quite frustrating. I also noticed that he seems to respect me more now? It’s hard to describe but I think he sees me as less of a litter-mate and more of a “leader”.

    Anyway, here is a list of his cool doggy achievements: accident-free for almost a week now (thanks to our timely potty trips, of course), successful long range ball fetching (crazy, at the age of 13 weeks), decent lured leash-walking/heeling, and kiss (nose touch). Wow, if only I was as hype about myself as I am with Sesame.

  • My cousin has been living with us since lockdown started in Ontario. It’s great to have her around as she is one of my favourite humans ever! We’ve been doing a bunch of stuff to keep ourselves occupied, namely playing our favorite mobile game, Arena of Valor. It’s similar to League of Legends, a MOBA game I use to frequent. I enjoy AoV because the mechanics are essentially the same as LoL, but far less complex and in turn, more casual and enjoyable. After like 2 weeks, we finally convinced Jae to play the game with us.

    We had hot pot over the weekend, which is a great meal to have during winter.

  • My work week was great and ended on a high note. Also, my first big PR with Java changes on oracle/truffleruby was shipped.

  • We took a nice long walk during the week – the same route I used to take daily when I was on bodybuilding prep. It’s crazy to think I casually got 20,000 steps daily. We haven’t been going to the gym. I don’t feel a huge urge to go and most days I am too tired to go anyway. I had a nice chat with a friend who reminded me that it’s okay and normal to take a break from things we used to love doing. I think I’d rather take a break than burnout.