• I returned to work this week and it reminds me of when school started after a break. When I think of working a full-time 9-5 job was always a little scary to me. I can’t see myself doing the same thing for the rest of my life. Speaking of that, it has been 2 years since I started working at Shopify this week.

    My week did not start off well for several reasons, but I think it has made a smooth recovery. Now that I am back at work, it really helped that I can finally socialize with people.

  • I watched a ton of movies this week including: 1) Happiest Season, which was a lesbian holiday romcom. I enjoyed it as several of my favorite actors were in it. 2) Harry Potter: The Order of Phoenix – I am not sure why we picked this one since I’ve seen the Harry Potter movies many times. I insisted we speak with a British accent while we watched the movie. To no one’s surprise, my British accent is trash (despite working with actual British people daily). 3) Enola Holmes – I really liked this movie. Sherlock Holmes didn’t have a sister in the original books, but if he did, Elona is what I’d picture her to be like. I also think Henry Cavil is hot.

  • Puppy parenthood is more engrained into my routine now, so it is taking less of my mental space. We took Sesame to the vet this weekend for his DAPP vaccine. We didn’t get to enter the clinic with him (because of the COVID lockdown), but we were told he was a handful but did great.

    Sesame also met my parent’s dog, Moo-moo, at the park for the second time. Sesame knows no boundaries and ended up getting way too close to Moo-moo, resulting in warning growls. Anyway, that is all in my plan to get them more comfortable with each other.

  • I’ve been watching some chess tutorials for fun. There is a playlist on Youtube that I enjoy. I’ve been playing against bots on the Chess app. Since then, I’ve learnt a couple things: 1) Watching a tutorial is nothing like actually playing a game. For example, I cannot replay the strategy of checkmating (is that a real verb?) with a king and queen without referring back to the video. It is also impossible to predict where the pieces are going to be at the end game and I can only plan ahead like 2 turns max. Understanding the overall theory of the strategy is great, but using them is another problem. 2) It seems like I am not the greatest at end game plays that involves cornering the opponent’s king. It doesn’t help that I am also spoiled by the Chess app informing me that I am “3 moves from checkmate.” But I cannot (for the life of me) tell what the 3 moves are and end up using the hints option.

    I am happy to report that I am playing chess for fun. I usually hate playing games solo yet I am still quite invested in this. And yes, like everyone else I watched The Queen’s Gambit recently.

  • We spontaneously bought a children’s art kit and mandela colouring book at Costco and did some colouring while listening to music. I noticed that it really hard for me to focus on colouring and got bored frequently. To be fair, colouring mandala patterns is quite monotonous, which I guess is the point as colouring is supposed to be relaxing. Overall, it was fun and I would do it again. It’s one of those “pointless” activities I am hoping to do more of, I think.