• Holy crap, it’s 2021!

  • 2020 hasn’t been a great year to most, and it was an okay one for me. I suppose it is obligatory for me to kind of list what I’ve done? Here is what I’ve done in 2020.

    • Fitness: I attained the peak physique of my life yet. I competed in my first bodybuilding show and placed in the top 2. I qualify to compete in the pro qualifier this year. I saw my posing practice paid off as I was one of the best posers in all my classes. I learnt a lot about what I’m capable of doing when I push myself. The whole bodybuilding show experience was amazing and I would love the opportunity to prep for another competition this year.

      I also learned a lot about fitness and nutrition from my coach, personal experience, and the content I consumed religiously. I bought a subscription to MASS, a monthly research review for the latest training and nutrition research. This made me very interested in pursuing a personal trainer certification (perhaps for fun?) in the future.

      Gyms were either closed or inaccessible where I live. Yet, this year has been my most consistent year for training. I never had an issue with workout consistency but intentional training consistency was brand new to me.

    • Work: I was promoted at the start of 2019. Despite the whole remote-first thing that happened in March which affected productivity, I still managed to do a bunch of cool stuff on the team. Namely, I championed the open sourcing of Packwerk, a tool used to enforce boundaries in Rails application. I also appeared in a podcast on 5by5 and published my first post on the Shopify Engineering blog.

      In terms of technical skills, I feel more confident in the work I do compared to 2019, thanks to the many brilliant co-workers who were great mentors and my never-ending keenness. I learnt that it is okay (and desirable) to prioritize my time and work based on my own development goals.

    • Streaming: I built a new PC from scratch with my partner and really enjoyed it. With the extra time under lockdown, I started playing games and streaming again. The last time I streamed consistently was 6-7 years ago when I was in school. I managed to be a Twitch Affiliate within a short amount of time since I still had some viewership from before. After 2 months of streaming consistently, I quit (again) for several reasons but one of them being the fact that I didn’t enjoy playing games anymore.

    • Puppy: My partner and I got a border collie puppy towards the end of the year. Sesame is now 11 weeks old and has made good progress with his foundational training such as stay, and leave it. I currently don’t feel a huge bond or connection with him, which I believe is normal given he is still a puppy (and is completely driven by id). I’m looking forward to connecting with his mature self in the future.

    • Books: I haven’t read a lot in 2020 compared to 2019, but the books I’ve read were great. My personal favorites were Joy Luck Club, The Forty Rules of Love and A Beautifully Foolish Endeavor (technically I read this in 2021). Historically, I have trouble putting a book down when I don’t enjoy reading it, but I’ve been better at that this year. I also have been nit picky about the books I pick up. For example, I have a strong preference for female authors and avoid authors who are cisgender white men (especially when they write about stories they cannot possibly experience firsthand).

  • I haven’t had time to write down my new years resolutions yet, but if you ask me, the new plan is the old plan. That is to survive another year.