• We took Sesame to visit my partner’s family for a couple days before the lockdown. I am happy and relieved he did well throughout the 1-hour car ride because we hope to take him on long road trips in the future. The visit had its highs and lows but it was overall enjoyable.

  • I feel depressed sometimes. It’s probably a combination of several factors such as lack of access to the gym, lack of social interactions, (seemingly) loss of freedom due to having a new puppy. This is resulting in my loss of motivation to do and enjoy anything productive, including self care. I’m not sure if this is just a result of vacationing during a pandemic or just the usual feeling of anxiety from impending doom from the pandemic? I hope this feeling is just temporary.

  • I’m currently on season 6 of House, where he goes through rehabilitation at a psychiatric hospital. I really enjoyed the episode because it showed some good character progression for House. I also find it hard to believe that anyone can be such an asshole in reality. House’s sarcastic and narcissistic personality was getting old and this episode made his character more human and realistic.

    Additionally to my surprise, Lin-Manual Miranda played House’s manic roommate, Alvie. Alvie was a freestyle rapper in the show and we joked that he goes on to write Hamilton after he leaves rehab. (Hamilton is one of my favourite musicals and it was written by Lin-Manual Miranda.)

  • As a result of boredom and down time when the puppy is napping, I used my iPad more than my laptop because it was more convenient. I started playing mobile games (lol), sketching on Procreate, and journaling.

  • Because I have been feeling under the weather this past week, I found it hard to reflect on the year and write new year’s resolutions. Usually I am the type to be keen to reflect but I can’t be bothered to think of 2021. Again, I am optimistic this feeling will pass though.