• I’ve been thinking about how resilient we are as humans – more often than not, we adapt. My life before this week has been very independent. I do things I want to do, for myself. I plan the future for myself. And I don’t consider myself particularly self-sacrificing or nurturing.

    Early this week has been a challenge for me. A brand new puppy is like nothing I’ve ever experienced in my life and it was rough. I started off the week quite anxious about handling him (mostly) alone during the day. After a couple days I guess I kind of eventually got used to the routine, as I always do. I guess at the end of the day, I am a creature of habit. This big life change is something I’m still getting used to. I don’t want to crumble while facing life changes like these. I really hope this builds improved resiliency.

  • For each day over the week, we visited a different park with the puppy in order to get him socialized and accustomed to new environments. Today, we went to Starbucks uptown (for the city vibes) and found out about Puppuccino. Sesame went nuts and enjoyed half a cup of whipped cream.


  • Puppy training is going great and I’ve a lot of fun training Sesame. He seems to be grasping concepts pretty quick. He learnt “lie down” and “fetch”. The latter half of his fetch, which is the dropping the toy part, could use some work though. For attention training, he has advanced to touch distraction, which means he is able to hold eye contact and focus while being touched (by my trusty co-trainer). We hope to transfer this attention over into different environments.

  • It’s crazy how many strangers feel the need to provide unsolicited advice about our puppy, and then invade our space to pet him without asking. Why am I annoyed? Cause I like having personal space but also there’s a pandemic?

  • The Big O, one of the two largest bodybuilding events happened this weekend. It was entertaining to watch since both my partner and I are big fans of the sport, but ultimately made me feel very flabby. I’m trying to make my peace with not going to the gym for the rest of the year.

  • Less than a week to Christmas but it doesn’t feel like it.