• We got a brand new puppy! His name is Sesame and he’s a smooth coat border collie. He pretty much consumed my life for the past 3 days and for the next while. I can’t find the time and energy to even take cute pictures of him. He’s also constantly in motion and when he is not, he is sleeping and I don’t want to wake him.

    Sesame is a fearless puppy with coat markings is similar to that of a skunk. He doesn’t seem to respond to any usual stressors puppies do (e.g. vacuum cleaners, car zooming by, startling noises/movement, bigger dogs). He is great with being handled (e.g. paw touching), and he has no resource guarding behaviour (yet?). His curiousity is his greatest asset but also his greatest flaw as he gets distracted easily. Our customized training program includes a lot of attention training, which I am happy to do because, “attention is the mother of all behaviours.” The notable things he reacted to was his shot at the vet, which he took like a champ and then took treats a second after (sometimes dogs don’t take treats when they’re stressed out). And also, his tolerance for water – he doesn’t seem to hate it but it doesn’t love it either.

    The first two days were tough. I certainly felt a little regretful (as most puppy owners would feel). There is no amount of preparation that can substitute the real experience of having a puppy in your hands. I must have my hair tied back to avoid him nipping on it. I am now okay with his pee stained paws touching my clothing. The house is in a default mess.

    All that to say, with the help of my trusty co-owner, I am doing alright. My tolerance to dirt and pee has increased significantly, to an acceptable degree, of course. He is a bundle of energy and I can see that he learns really quick. For example, his focus was non-existant the day we got him but 3 days later, he knows how to mand for attention and treats, he is learning crate training. I am focusing on conceptual training and overall behaviour rather than a strict set of rules or tricks because he is still learning at his age (8 weeks). I would prefer he sits for attention rather than jump (like most dogs would do instinctively). I guess I am having a great time training him and “great” time outside of training sessions.

    Here is a funny screenshot of Sesame taken via FaceTime by my cousin. His eyes are beady yet curious?


  • We have been eating out since we got the puppy. My mum offered to bring homemade food over today, which I am looking forward to. I also haven’t had any fruits in the past week, so. I am also grateful I am able to take the week off next week. My puppy co-owner will be quite busy with work so I will be the sole puppy handler. I hope next week’s puppy schedule will be more ingrained and less

  • Now that personal time is limited. I am choosing wisely what I want to do with my time. For my downtime I will try to read and work on my side project? I don’t have any other non-puppy updates this week.